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Foldable Drawer Organizer, 4 Set

MIU COLOR Drawer Organizer, Beige


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COLOR-ize your Wardrobe


About the MIU COLOR Drawer Organizer Set

No matter how you fold, roll, stuff, and stack, you just can’t seem to get your dresser drawers to stay tidy. The MIU COLOR drawer organizer set allows to easily store your socks, bras, t-shirts, scarves, accessories, and any other stubborn pieces. Don’t just organize, COLOR-ize!


Four for your Drawers

A set of four organizer crates with varying sizes and numbers of storage cells for all of your small clothes and accessories.


Stylish Design

A soft, neutral beige design that doesn’t interfere with the appearance of your items, but beautifully displays them for daily appreciation.


Crate Sizes
5 cell: 13.2x6.1x3.5"
6 cell: 13.2x12.2x3.5"
8 cell: 11x5.7x4" 
20 cell: 13.2x12.2x3.5"

Material: Bamboo-based rayon

Warranty: 6 months/unconditional when purchased from MIU COLOR. Contact us for additional support if needed.


MIU COLOR is a retailer of home and personal products founded in San Jose, CA in 2009. Our driving theme is " elegant simplicity", and to that end we create contemporary designs that are functional, easy to use, and eco-friendly. MIU COLOR products range from home décor and office supplies to kitchen appliances and outdoors/travel accessories. Whether at home, at work, or on the go, MIU COLOR is there.


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Write a review

  • By Eduardo J. Rivera
  • 2016-03-31

Exactly what she wanted. Delivery was fast! Thank ...

Exactly what she wanted. Delivery was fast! Thank you.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 2016-03-30

Five Stars

Very easy to use.

  • By Trina
  • 2016-03-28

Five Stars

Great product.

  • By Cecilia
  • 2016-03-27

Very happy with my purchase!

Shipment arrived very fast! Next day, The package itself was in a big box but when opened only seemed to require half, it was probably due to keeping the items straight and not bent, so great job in that! I assembled the organizers in about 7-10 minutes, it was very simple no instructions needed for me. I'll need to get my memory emptied to take some pictures but so far I've organized my socks in one, bras in other, and underwear in last two. Great organization tools! Very happy to have received these items at a discount for my unbiased review, I will be ordering another set full price for my other dresser drawers most definitely and do recommend for those that can't keep drawers tidy, very easy tools to buy to keep the chaos under control!

  • By SK Lee
  • 2016-03-27


I always do the laundry and my fiance never puts her clothes away properly! You'd think it would be the other way around! I should be the messy one. Anyways, she bought these and now her socks, underwear and bras are neatly organized!

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 2016-03-27

Keeps everything organized and easily accessible

Now I can see everything I have and choose undergarments quickly. Simple way to start organizing!

  • By Redstroud
  • 2016-03-25

Great Product for the Money

I just love this product, made my dresser nice & organized.Highly Recommend!

  • By Dana Berendt
  • 2016-03-24

Five Stars

These are great; really keep your drawers organized.

  • By Abie
  • 2016-03-23

It doesn't look like those cheap looking plastic containers

This organizer is surprisingly well made. It doesn't look like those cheap looking plastic containers. This organizer is strong and break-resistant- have been using this for almost a year now and it still looks as good as new. This is a great way to free up drawer space and store your essentials in a stylish manner (pics attached for reference).

  • By Indiangoddess
  • 2016-03-23

These storage boxes are perfect. I did not want plastic drawer dividers or ...

These storage boxes are perfect. I did not want plastic drawer dividers or something that would be difficult to use. These are great because you can fold them and put them away if you want.


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