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Champion Glass Bottle with Tea Infuser (22 oz)

Water Bottle

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Q & A

MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle, helps you keep healthy and makes drinking more enjoyable. Drinking every day, keeps doctor away! Water is our body's principal chemical component, choosing a healthy and enjoyable bottle for daily use is very important. Our bottle is an ideal choice for you. 

Product Description: 
Material: Borosilicate Glass 
Size: 24.5 Ounces for non-tea infuser bottle; 22 Ounces for tea infuser bottle

Package included: 
1 * Bottle with sleeve 
2 * Cleaning brushes

Using Instructions: 
1. Please handle bottle with care since it is made of glass and is very sleek, use sleeve to carry it. 
2. Make sure the cap is screwed completely to avoid leaking. 
3. Better to put bottle on desk when pouring very hot water instead of holding it with bare hands to avoid burns. 
4. Do not pour hot water into bottle immediately after pouring cold water or vice versa. 
5. When putting in ice cubes, better to tilt the bottle a tittle, and please put the ice cubes on the bottleneck to let them slide down along the inner bottle wall. 
6. For bottle with tea infuser, take out the tea infuser, put tea bag (with tea bag line cut) or tea leaves into infuser, put infuser back into bottle, screw the bottom completely and tightly and turn bottle upside. Pour water from the bottle top and screw the top cap completely to avoid leaking. 

Washing Instructions: 
1. Dishwasher is not recommended. Please do not clean bottle with hard items or metal cleaning ball to avoid scratches and rupture. 
2. There is Odor? 
You could take out the rubber ring from the cap, and then soak it in vinegar or tea water for 2-3 hours, and then wash it clean. The odor will go away. 
3. Please do not continue to use and wash bottle when it is in damaged status.


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  • By Abigail Y
  • 2015-11-24

Tried other glass bottles and tea brewers - this one wins

I purchased this bottle and the MIU COLOR® Newly-released Bigger Capacity High Quality Glass Water Bottle(24.5 Ounces, Designed in Switzerland)(dark Blue Sleeve Without Tea Infuser) at the same time. My husband and I have been advocates of glass bottles for a while now. Our water bottles for daily water consumption have been the Camelbak Eddy Glass .7-Liter Water Bottle, Purple (my review is here https://www.amazon.com/review/R1CRQTGZX3NSZC/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm) and we're absolutely sold on the taste, cleanliness, and feel of glass containers. This bottle has quickly become my favorite of them all. It arrived in a nicely packaged little box, and some interchangeable foam bottle brushes were included, which was a lovely touch (see pictures), especially for those without any. The bottle is quite simple to get apart - a top lid unscrews for drinking, and the bottom comes off from the bottom to provide access to the tea filter. With a lid at each end, cleaning this bottle is a cinch. Let me tell you about this tea filter. I'm a bit of a tea snob, and I have a pantry shelf full of looseleaf tea. Anyone who uses looseleaf tea knows that, for good-quality stuff, you need a good amount of water circulation. This is a large enough filter to allow plenty of room for that. But most metal tea filters use mesh of some kind that let all the leaves leak out into your drinking water. If I'm at home, it's not much of a problem - I just strain out the leaves - but when I'm on the go and want to use a thermos, it's a real pain to be continually chewing tea leaves that eventually turn your tea bitter. This little filter, on the other hand, is constructed of thin metal that's been punched through with holes (see photo) instead of made of woven mesh. What a huge improvement! Not only that, it's far easier to clean out than those mesh things - you literally swirl some water and you're done. I can't believe everyone doesn't use filters like these! Absolutely worth it. The filter has a little handle, too, which makes it really convenient to pull out when the leaves are done steeping. The filter clicks into place using little tabs on the sides, which hold it in place very solidly (but it isn't difficult to remove again), and doesn't rattle around at all. Having the tea filter on the bottom instead of the top was a stroke of genius, by the way... I can't believe I haven't seen anyone else figure that out! The lids are solid, and fairly heavy-duty - not light and flimsy like I expected. They're also not complicated, and are easy to clean. If you take out the rubber gasket from the lid, you'll see that it's actually very thick rubber, and looks like it'll last a good long time without leaking. I haven't had a single leak yet, even with turning the bottle upside down and back up every time I use it. As a bonus, the bottom lid is completely unaffected by the tea filter - whether it's in or out of the bottle makes no difference whatsoever, and I've used it both ways. The quality of the glass itself is also nice. No breaking or chipping at all (certainly no explosions, and I've had Starbucks pour their 200*F-ish water directly into it). My favorite part is that the edge of the glass where you drink has been rounded - something I wouldn't have asked for, but it actually makes a big difference between this and all the other glass bottles and containers that I've used. It's genuinely comfortable, and very pleasant to drink from. The walls of the container are somewhat on the thin side, though, so if you're using hot liquids (which of course you are) then you'll need the included sleeve, otherwise it's far too hot to hold. Speaking of this sleeve, it's essential to the use of the bottle. Made of decent quality foam, it acts as combination glass protector and insulator. As a protector, it works marvelously. As an insulator, it's probably not the most optimal - if I were to ask for any improvement for this product whatsoever, it would probably be in this area, but honestly I drink my tea quickly enough that it's not that big of a deal for me. I actually measured my temperatures to see how quickly it cooled. This is a full bottle, zipped inside the sleeve immediately, and left unopened. Poured into bottle: 170*F After 40 min: 140*F After 60 min: 120*F (my optimal drinking temperature) As for the size, it's nice and large-capacity. I was able to measure *exactly* 24oz (US, so 24.98oz UK) into the bottle, right up to the rim, and that was without the tea filter (or tea) in it. I usually drink about two cups of tea at a time, and this bottle fits that much without a problem - in fact I usually don't fill it up all the way. However (admittedly one of my favorite features of this product) it's narrow enough that, sleeve and all, it still fits in my car's cupholders! Win. Especially for this price point, I definitely think it's worth it for the features. I recommend this to any tea aficionado who would like a tea thermos with no bother! (This product was provided to me at a discount in return for my honest opinion.)

  • By M. Erb
  • 2015-11-21

The cap pops off the threads when firmly closed on the regular glass bottle. Tea Infuser bottle didn

This is a review of the MIU Color glass waterbottle and the MIU Color glass waterbottle with tea infuser. I received free samples for review. This is a mixed bag for me. I like the concept of glass water bottles. You don't have to worry about taste in the water from plastic or metal. But I did have a problem with the cap popping off the threads when being screwed on firmly on the plain glass water bottle... but not the tea infuser water bottle. I carefully looked at the threads on the glass bottle on which the cap consistently pops off the threads.It appears fine, but obviously there is some sort of tolerance issue going on here since the cap does not do the same thing when screwed firmly onto the tea infuser bottle. I even tried switching caps with no difference in behavior. Both bottles come with a zippered neoprene sleeve. The sleeve does a good job of protecting your hand from the heat of hot water in the bottles. I can get small ice cubes in the bottle when need, but larger ice cubes may not fit since the opening isn't that large (1 1/4" inside diameter.) The base of the bottles in the sleeve is about 3" in diameter. Both bottles come with the zippered neoprene sleeve and two foam bottle brushes for easier cleaning of the inside of the bottles. I'm rating the regular glass bottle 2 stars because of the cap that pops off the threads. The tea infuser bottle didn't have that problem so I'm rating that 4 stars. My averaged rating then for both bottles is 3 stars.


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