Edge Corner Guard Rubber - 13 ft

  • ☆HEALTHIER MATERIAL: Made of Soft Impact-absorbing Foam, Fire-Retardant, Non-toxic and Latex- Free. To protect toddlers from sharp edges with the healthier way.
  • ☆EXTENSIVE USED:The edges of Tables, Cabinets and other Furniture can be a safety hazard to toddlers once they begin to walk and climb. Cut down on the bumps and bruises! Customizable length will work almost anywhere perfect for any room in the home.
  • ☆EXTRA LONG as well as CUSTOMIZE the length for you need. The edge guard comes in a roll. You can cut off any length or make more corner guards to guard the edges of Tables, Cabinets and other Furniture, almost anywhere you want to protect your baby at home.
  • ☆LONG SERVICE LIFE: Special 3M tape connectors included to ensure cushions are securely fastened to surfaces. Also removable and reusable.
  • ☆INSTALL TIPS: The stickiness will be much stronger if you put the 3M type on the edge of the cushion when installing. Because it will be less gap for children to pull it off.

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  • Grey/13ft
  • Grey/16.4ft




Q & A

Why mommy needs MIU COLOR edge cushion? 
Babies about one year old are so lively to learn to walk and play, they are happy to rush to somewhere you can't see, it is pretty common for our fragile baby bump into a corner for our furniture combination is always with sharp corner or edge of table or fireplace. 
How do you feel every time you hear the painful crying? As a mom or dad you surely intend to do give baby a beautiful and safe childhood. That's what we are striving to do now. 

MIU COLOR® Edge Corner Guards are made of NONTOXIC ECO friendly safe rubber and completely harmless for little baby. Its soft but durable material help mamma and dad protect him from bumping his head! 

Package Includes: 
1*13ft edge cushion (157" x 1.3" x 1.3") 
8*corner cushions (2.2" x 1.3" x 1.3") 
2*3M double-sided tape strips for edges 
8*3M double-sided tape pieces for corners 
1*Instruction pamphlet 

Warranty Information: Each of MIU COLOR Edge Corner Guard is strictly inspected with six-month Unconditional Guarantee, you can choose return it with a full refund or get a replacement within the time. 

Create a safest condition with least money, MIU COLOR ALWAYS TAKE CARE EVERY CUSTOMER. 


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