18.5oz, Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle - Black

  • UNIQUE and FASHIONAL design: This bottle was designed on both esthetics and comfort. There is a loop on the sleeve, which makes the bottle convenient to carry, perfect for travel and sports.
  • Environmental and High-quality Material: The bottle is made of ultra clear BOROSILICATE GLASS, which is known as a kind of special ENVIRONMENTAL and HEALTHY glass material. It is a kind of low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. The cap is made of high quality stainless steel, and seals are made of FOOD GRADE SILICONE, safe and environmental.
  • Useful Nylon Sleeve: The NYLON COVER provides a comfortable feeling and against hot. It makes easier to grip against falling off and effective protect glass body from damage, and fits most standard car cup holders.
  • Easy to wash: The glass is super smooth, which is very easy to wash just by clear water. The 2 brushes in the package makes the cleaning more convenient. Hand wash is recommended; lid could be cleaned by dishwasher.
  • Size:18.5 ounces.

List Price: US$23.99

sale: US$ 16.99


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  • Rose Red/18.5 oz
  • Dark Blue/18.5 oz
  • Black/18.5 oz with Tea Infuser
  • Black/18.5 oz
  • Grey/18.5 oz




Q & A

MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle, helps you keep healthy and makes drinking more enjoyable. Drinking every day, keeps doctor away! Water is our body's principal chemical component. Therefore, choose a healthy and enjoyable bottle for daily use is very important. Our bottle is an ideal choice for you. 

Product Description: 
Material: Borosilicate Glass 
Size: 18.5 Ounces

Package included: 
1 * Bottle with sleeve 
2 * Cleaning brushes

Using Instructions: 
1. Please handle bottle with care since it is made of glass and is very sleek, use sleeve to carry it. 
2. Please note that there is a rubber ring inside of the cap, which is the key to prevent leaking. Make sure the ring is inserted into the cap completely. 
3. Better to put bottle on desk when pouring very hot water instead of holding it with bare hands to avoid unexpected hurt. 
4. Do not pour hot water into bottle immediately after pouring cold water or vice versa. 
5. Please do not throw ice cubes into bottle directly with force from the very top to avoid smashing. 
6. For bottle with tea infuser, take out the tea infuser, put tea bag (with tea bag line cut) or tea leaves into infuser, put it back into bottle, screw the bottom completely and tightly and turn bottle upside. Pour water from the bottle top, screw the top cap completely to avoid leaking. 


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  • By Jee Ho Shin
  • 2016-03-31

Four Stars

neoprene smells kinda funky at first, but it goes away. other than that, it's exactly what i wanted

  • By William Jasper
  • 2016-03-30

Beautiful bottle, WAS NOT UNBREAKABLE

Beautiful bottle, WAS NOT UNBREAKABLE! REPEAT WAS NOT! Had I not broken this I would still enjoy it, probably gonna buy another.

  • By kareem
  • 2016-03-28

It is a very nice bottle. Doesn't dribble or spill when you take …

It is a very nice bottle. Doesn't dribble or spill when you take a sip like other brands.your not strip mining a mountain top for a shiny metal. Glass is the safest non-porous most environmentally friendly thing to drink out of. The customer service is stellar, I got the wrong bottle from Amazon, I contacted miu, and a Rep named Liz sent me the correct one and I got to keep the wrong one (which is a nice water bottle).

  • By Josie66
  • 2016-03-28

Five Stars

Love this infuser! Great for work. Love the style!

  • By Amanda
  • 2016-03-23

Love it!

I love my MIU COLOR bottle! Love the look of it, not your typical sports water bottle. I fill it up with my 5 gallon jug of water, use it everyday! No more individual plastic water bottles laying around, waiting to go to the recycle!

  • By djnocashvalu
  • 2016-03-22

Five Stars

This product is fantastic and perfect. Well made product

  • By JC
  • 2016-03-22

This is a stylish product but I had to return …

This is a stylish product but I had to return it due to the bottom leaking within the first couple of weeks. I decided to try this product again and have now discovered that the leak came from the fact that the rubber ring did not directly engulfed the bottom of the strainer but instead just sat on the bottom of the infuser lid, which was the way it came in the package the 1st time. In summary, the 2nd bottle came with the rubber ring around the bottom of the strainer which prevents any leakage this time around. I am glad that I gave this same product a second try, their customer service is excellent also. Thank you.

  • 2016-03-20

Perfect Water Bottle for those on the go.

everything i wanted. "clean" glass. Insulated sleeve. not bulky like many water bottles that hold same oz. small lid & perfect size opening for drinking water throughout the day. Also love that it comes with cleaning sponges that fit the opening, so i know that my bottle is always healthy & clean. I tried the larger 24.5 oz MUI bottle but zipper on sleeve quickly broke & lid was bulkier so I returned & bought more of these!

  • By E E E E E E
  • 2016-03-17

Five Stars

I love my MIU COLOR water bottle! Stylish, sleek, and most importantly air tight!

  • By Leighton
  • 2016-03-13

Great looking bottle

Love this bottle so far. Attractive design and carrying pouch. Helps me stay hydrated!


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