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Outdoor Pinic Blanket - Triple Layers

Outdoor Blanket

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  • Green Leaves
  • Orange-Blue Plaid




Q & A

☆Product Description: 
Item Weight: 3 Pounds 
Product Dimensions: 4' 9" x 6' 7"x 0.3 when open, and 12.5" x 10.6" x 2.5" when closed. 
Material: top layer: Polyester, middle layer: sponge, bottom layer: PVC, and the percentage of each layer is 35%、25%、35%, and 5% for the others, very durable. 

☆Washing Instructions: 
Top layer : if it was just stained by drink, pls use the tissues to absorb the liquid till the surface become dry. 
If the cloth was stained by other stubborn stains, pls wipe the surface back and forth by one hand slightly with warm water and mild soap, and then line dry in the air. 
Bottom waterproof layer: just wipe clean with damp cloth . 
Washing tips: Pls do not Wring out the blanket by hands directly or machine wash or dry clean, naturally air dried will be great. 

☆Maintenance Instructions: 
Clean it according to the washing instructions, keep in a cool dry place, if any smell after long time storage, hang it under sunlight will be OK. 


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  • By Elara
  • 2016-03-21

5.0 out of 5 starsI love this blanket

I love this blanket! I was looking for a picnic blanket to use with my baby in the yard and this works perfectly. It keeps us dry and has plenty of room. Like others mentioned, it's not very easy to fold because you have to flip it over, but it still works. I recommend it!

  • By Mvet
  • 2016-03-08

Love this blanket

Love this blanket! Cute pattern and very waterproof as promised. Only issue is it is harder to fold back up than expected, but may just be our own lack of skills :).

  • By Samantha O.
  • 2016-03-06

Works great at the beach or at the park

Works great at the beach or at the park! Easy to clean and dries quickly! I do with the printed top part was a little softer. It's kind of a plastic blanket, so you don't feel like you're on a true picnic blanket.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 2016-02-19

I love it. Good design

I love it. Good design. Very practical. Every people who saw this blanket are asking where I bought this.

  • By NikeWoman
  • 2016-02-06

not just a Blanket!

Brilliant idea and has multiple uses!

  • By lujh
  • 2016-01-19



  • By Slow Dance
  • 2016-01-13

One Fine Blanket

This is a high-quality product that comes in handy for any outdoor activities. It is thick and does not absorb water, so you can sit on grass without getting damp. It conveniently folds up into a compact easy-to-carry pouch with a handle. It's has a good looking pattern to boot.

  • By Shana N Toledo
  • 2015-12-30

We love it. Easy to clean and carry

We love it. Easy to clean and carry, just wished it had weights/pockets in the corner to help hold it down during the windy days

  • By Jessica
  • 2015-12-28

What was expected

I bought this for my office white elephant party and it was a hit! Good quality and large enough for a small picnic or day at the beach.

  • By Emmeline Ye
  • 2015-12-08

Expensive but works well

Somewhat pricey but it is waterproof and folds up nicely for storage. I leave mine in the back of my vehicle for impromptu picnics or just when I want to stop by a park and lay in the sun or shade. Cute design too.


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