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Outdoor Pinic Blanket - Dual Layers

Outdoor Blanket

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  • Single-deck Streak
  • Orange-Blue Plaid




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  • By feminist comedy
  • 2015-08-10

Great picnic blanket /water proof

Great purchase would make a great gift for a new mom

  • By The Urban Prepper
  • 2015-08-02

Great Addition To Your Picnic Basket Supplies

燭his heavy duty picnic blanket is built well, folds up conveniently and brings style to any picnic adventure. The dimensions (4'9" x 6'7") work great for most picnic tables and can easily fit to adults with picnic supplies. PROS: Heavy duty fabric is built to last, water resistant back, convenient storage when folded, stylistic/colorful pattern, good weight to avoid gusts of wind, standard stains wash away easily, convenient handle. CONS: Price is a little high (I would prefer less than $25), lays better on grass than on sand. SUMMARY: Recommended for anyone who goes on picnics on grass or uses public picnic tables (e.g., BBQ's). Fellas, if you are taking a girl on a romantic picnic, you will DEFINITELY want to bring along this picnic blanket. She'll love it!

  • By Christina Murray
  • 2015-07-20

This blanket is great for outdoor events

This blanket is great for outdoor events. It is totally waterproof and folds easily. It is not super comfortable, but the waterproof makes up for that. Very easy to clean as well!!

  • By Korapan
  • 2015-07-08

Perfect mat. Awesome!

I love this picnic mat so much , it look perfect for me. 1.No more dirty to the carpet as long as my daughter still play on this mat. 2.Big mat 3.No anymore to be wet when sit on grass. 4.Easy to clean for me. 5.Comfortable 6.Nice materials 7.I saw some comment about the plastic under the fabric is hard or not comfortable for me I'm not think so but I think it soft more than I thought.

  • By Simran
  • 2015-07-03

Love it!

Love this mat. The size is big enough and love the print and the material of it. Very good quality product. I just used it today and was very happy that I bought it. :)

  • By Abraham P
  • 2015-07-01

Almost perfect.

I was looking to buy a large picnic blanket to buy where I can stretch out and sleep on without having my legs stick out. Standing at about 6', this blanket fills that role perfectly. The material is made out of a plastic/polymer thread and underside so it blocks moisture from the grass from seeping up. It also makes it a cinch to clean in case it does get dirty. It comes in nice cute designs and folds up to a small portable size easily. There are a couple of points that prevented me from giving this a perfect score. First, while the underside may be waterproof, I would say the top side can only be considered resistant. During use, my date spilled some water from a cup that had a little bit of wine in it. The slightly red water ended up wicking in from the top side and left a slight stain. Not a big deal, but don't think that the entire thing will just roll moisture off. Secondly, due to design, the blanket must be flipped upside down for easy folding. Unfortunately this exposes the less protected upper side to water mess there may be on the ground that you just didn't notice.

  • By Tonya B
  • 2015-06-25

Great Beach/ Picnic Blanket!

The blanket arrives in its folded form. When folded, It’s quite compact considering that it folds out to roughly the size of a queen bed. It could easily be put into a large beach tote. There’s a generously-sized handle that could be hung around a stroller. The striped pattern is bright and a bit patriotic. The colors have held fast through several uses… even wet conditions. (It’s also available in a leaf pattern and a plaid.) It’s a bit heavy, but nothing that should get uncomfortable carrying to your picnic or beach site. The heaviness comes from the thickness of the blanket. It’s a tight woven, heavyweight fabric on top of a moisture-resistant base. In between is a sponge material. This layering gives the blanket weight that keeps it on the ground. It also does a great job of keeping you dry. Even when we placed the blanket on dewy grass, everything on the blanket stayed dry. The top fabric came clean easily when we got food crumbs or dirt on it. We were able to just brush it off with our hands or pick up the blanket and shake it off. The blanket can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, if necessary… we haven’t yet had need to machine wash, but I will update if the results are less-than-satisfactory. Folding it back up takes a little patience if you want it to lay flat like it is when it first arrives. If you’re in a rush, you can still get a compact and relatively neat package. I am a bit bothered by the decorative top fabric being what you see when this is folded. I would rather see that surface protected from dirt while folded and have the bottom fabric that will touch the ground be what is visible. Overall, a really great addition to your beach and picnic repertoire! Received at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • By Stephan
  • 2015-06-23

Perfect gadget for a sunny day out

I got the striped blanket and I love the combination. It is large so that we both and our two children have sufficient space and we can still put stuff on it that better doesn't lay in the grass. It also has a plastic layer that protects us from humid grass or cool soil. It folds very small and the handle makes it very handy in terms of transportation.

  • By Terri Ramsey Beavers
  • 2015-06-19

this is an amazing Outdoor Camping Picnic Blanket

Wow, this is an amazing Outdoor Camping Picnic Blanket. The pros on this is that the material isn't sand happy in that sand doesn't cling to it as it has to previous picnic blankets. Another pro is that it's so big, the entire family can sit down and enjoy a picnic lunch together. I also love the lining underneath that lays on the ground and again, sand doesn't cling to it as well. This is a great picnic blanket and I'm so happy to have received it at a discount. It's gets the kitten seal of approval as well :). I hope my photos capture all of the things I wanted to point out about this blanket because it's worth every penny. We go on a lot of outdoor picnics and hiking adventures so it's going to be used all summer and fall. I can't think of any cons to this, it's a really great product.

  • By Judy
  • 2015-06-19

Perfect must have for outdoor fun!

This outdoor blanket is perfect! It's the right size for up to three people to lay next to each other comfortably or pile on with a bunch of friends to sit and listen to concerts in the park! Love the material and the waterproof bottom! Used this at the annual concert in the park series. Food and spills wiped up easily. It was comfortable sitting on the grass even after a light ran. Easy to fold; it has Velcro to keep it secure and a built in handle. Very happy with this product!


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