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Coastal Beach Blanket

Outdoor Blanket

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Q & A

Beach Blanket Description: 
In use: 7ft x 7ft
Fold: 8in x 5in
Weight: 18oz/ 1lb
Material: High quality 700D strong ripstop parachute nylon.

Why Should You Choose MIU COLOR? 
•Water Repellent and Sand-proof.
•Parachute Material and Mildew Resistant.
•Machine Washable and Quick Drying.
•Extra Large and Fit for Family Events.
•Foldable and Easy Carry.
An absolute must-have for summer or camping trips! Enjoy happy getaway time with friends & family.

Washing Tips: 
Hand-washing and Machine-washing will both be ok! You could just throw them into a washing machine and naturally air dry, they will come out TOTALLY CLEAN. So you could NEVER mind the dirt on it or the tiredness of washing after a trip!

Warranty and Service: 
•MIU COLOR offers 6 MONTHES WARRANTY, NO Questions/NO Hassles.
•MIU COLOR aim to offer customers excellent shopping experience and service, any problem or suggestion please feel free to contact us.
•MIU COLOR repeat customers, please contact us for more DISCOUNTS.


About MIU COLOR—Make It Unique

MIU COLOR® is a contemporary home décor and furnishing brand founded in San Jose in 2009. Under the theme of "Simplicity", we are dedicated to design and create products that are simple, easy to use, and eco-friendly for people who value quality, natural, and balanced life experiences, no matter at home, at work, or outdoors.  MIU COLOR products range from home décor, office supplies, kitchen appliances, to travel accessories, and we will continue to improve the design, materials and functionality of our products. 


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  • By Svitlana Shchedrina
  • 2016-10-15

I didn't expect it would be so big and comfortable to use at the same time.

This blanket is really big. At the same time, it can be folded into a very small pocket, which is very useful when you pack all that you need to spend time at the seaside. I didn't expect it would be so big and comfortable to use. It has got loops on each corner which enables fixing the blanket on each side and prevents moving. I use the pocket to put our gadgets - you know how sand is on each and every button when you attend the beach. I found this blanket, light, easy to pack, big enough in size, and comfortable 'cause of the pocket, loops and the very quality of the fabric. It helped us to hide from the rain, too. And when we are at home, my toddler builds a circus and covers it with this blanket. A universal thing))

  • By Carey
  • 2016-08-31

I couldn't be any happier with this beach blanket

I got this item to use on the beach to lay my towels on to keep them off of damp sand.. It is perfect for that as it's soft parachute nylon and water rolls right off of it. It may as well be a water repellent. I dumped a water bottle on this and when I lifted the blanket it rolled right off of it leaving no trace of the water ever having been there, it was totally dry with no discoloration. It has loops on all four corners if you want to steak it to the ground (no steaks came with it) and pockets for packing with sand if you want to hold it to the ground that way. There is a large pocket (~14" X 12.5") with a velcro on the blanket for tucking away personal items you don't want hanging out on top of the blanket. The entire blanket folds up and easily tucks into the attached draw-string pouch (~9" X 7") and is small enough to be carried in a beach bag easily. When i'm not using it at the beach it doubles as a fun parachute for my son and I to lift above our heads an let drift down onto us (he is 15 mo old so this is wildly entertaining to him.) I am very happy with this beach blanket and highly recommend it.

  • By Indraneil Joshi
  • 2016-08-29

Very useful product for hikers, beach goers. A must buy. Good quality. 2 Thumbs up.

Ordered this specifically for our beach outings. The size of this Compact lightweight, foldable beach blanket is 7' x 7' which is pretty decent. Made of high quality 70D strong ripstop parachute nylon, this product assures long life and anti wear and tear in spite of constant use. Can be used as a beach blanket/spread, table cloth, hiking spread etc its uses are many. All 4 corners have pockets which can be used to fill up with sand so that blanket does not get blown away. Alternately, it can be used as a convenience pocket to store stuff. Comes attached to a small bag which folds in the whole blanket and becomes a small carry handy bag which is very convenient for storage too. Machine washable. This product was offered at zero or fraction of the cost for testing and reviewing. Has been reviewed by a Amazon Prime member just like you. I, myself, depend on others reviews for my buying options. This is my sincere and honest way of payback. Review is totally unbiased and my own opinions about the product.

  • By Sir Fiddlestyxxx Winterbottom
  • 2016-08-19

Nice Picnic Blanket

My thoughts of this blanket: 01 Compact and Portable - I like that this 7' x 7' nylon blanket easily folds down to fit into the pouch that is attached to the blanket. I attached a carabiner to the drawstring and keep it hooked to my backpack so I have it available if I ever need it while hiking. 02 Good Size - When you look at the blanket in its storage pouch you would never guess it is as large as it is. There is plenty of room for two adults (possibly three depending on the size of the adults) to sit or snuggle on. I like to snuggle. I also like to lay on my back and look at the stars in the night sky. Fortunately, this blanket is long enough to cover all of me when I lay on it with my body fully extended. 03 Great For Picnics - This an ideal blanket for picnics because of the size and because it is easy to clean. If I happen to spill on the blanket, I just need to shake it off and wipe it down with a wet paper towel and it is as good as new. It dries fast too. 04 Water Resistant - The thin nylon material is water resistant. I tried this when my lawn that was slightly damp with morning dew and it did a great job on keeping me dry. 05 Great For The Beach - I can shake and shake cotton beach towels but sand still manages to stick in the cotton fibers. I find that the big advantage this blanket has over traditional cotton beach towels is that I can easily shake all of the sand from the blanket when it is time to go and not bring any refuge sand home. 06 Good For Breezy Days - There are pockets on the four corners of the blanket where I can stuff in rocks to keep the blanket weighted down on breezy days. I received this blanket free for evaluation and review.

  • By Sue Kurczewski
  • 2016-08-15

7 foot square beach blanket that fits in an 8 inch bag!

Wow – I love how small, compact and portable this blanket is. It is made of a rip resistant, high quality nylon material similar to parachutes or some lightweight tents. My grandson is wary of grass of his bare feet so I use this for us to spend time outdoors. I can shove it in our backpack along with the toys and snacks so it’s ready when we go. The blanket is a huge 7 feet by 7 feet in size but fits into its own 8 inch by 5 inch bag – yup --- a 7 foot square blanket fits in an 8 INCH bag! Awesome design. It’s so compact and lightweight, I can let my toddler grandson carry it to our picnic location. He loves helping and this is a great item to let him feel like he’s doing his part. As a side note – when the blanket is in its bag it works very well as a small pillow for him too. I like that it’s water repellent and machine washable. I don’t put it in a dryer though -- I just let it air dry. It dries quickly because of the type of material it’s made of. I don’t have to worry about losing the bag because it’s sewn onto the blanket as part of the design. It’s fast and easy to fold and unfold. Each corner has a small triangular pocket to slide things in along with stake down loops to prevent the blanket and your things from blowing away. The built in bag can also be used as a larger pocket for sunglasses, sunscreen and other items. Sometimes I’ll just use this as the ground cover and put a softer blanket on top because the material is a bit light and some picnics I want a softer flannel or similar blanket against my skin. But, when I use this blanket as a ground cover then my flannel blanket is protected from the damp or sandy ground. Overall, I really like this blanket for its convenience, quality and design. WARRANTY: 6 month – no question/no hassle warranty DISCLAIMER: A sample of this product was provided to me free or deeply discounted for reviewing purposes. I am not affiliated with this company and make no promises of a good rating while reviewing the product. I test the product thoroughly and do my best to provide detailed reviews to other Amazon customers so they may make informed decisions.

  • By kleonarx
  • 2016-08-15

I absolutely loved this beach blanket

I absolutely loved this beach blanket. It will be going to the beach with me every single time I go it was very lightweight. Waterproof comes with the pocket for your belongings. The bag is attached to re-stuff in. for your belongings. The bag is attached to re-stuff it in. Has spots if you want to put the steaks in it So it will stay in the ground. You can tell it's a very well put together. And it excellent design. Big enough to fit your whole family on. Hands-down the best beach blanket I've ever owned ...

  • By Aella Nostra
  • 2016-08-10

Rip resistant, Repels water, Durable material

This beach "blanket" is 7 feet x 7 feet. It is made from nice quality rip resistant parachute nylon. So in my opinion, it is more of a tarp than a blanket. It works great! It's water resistant and does not collect sand. Comes with an attached drawstring pouch/pocket to easily store it and take with you places. I live on the river so it is nice to keep this inside the dry box on our wave-runner for trips to the beach or parks. Also a nice item to keep with your camping gear! Also read that it is machine washable in the product description, which is great in case it gets dirty and you don't have time to hand-wash it clean. It's also large enough to fit you and a friend, or a few kids. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I do feel it could be sold for a lower price.


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