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Pet Deshedding Tool Grooming Brush

Pet Deshedding Tool

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Q & A

Product Description:
-Material: TPR + PP
-Total Length: 141mm
-Teeth Wide: 100mm

Non-slip rubber of handle provides a good sense of gripping
Innovative grooming tool for long- and short-haired dogs and cats
Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat; comfortable, ergonomic grip handle
Handle part is made from TPR and PP, environmental protection material, will not cause skin allergies.
Quickly and easily remove loose hair, especially thick undercoats. Great for detangling and dematting.

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  • By inggy8
  • 2016-01-26

Four Stars

I like other brushes better for my cat.

  • By MJH 2011
  • 2016-01-24

Neat little brush

This grooming brush is fantastic! After using it once there was a noticeable difference in how much my little Jack Russell was shedding. Time will tell how effective this grooming brush is, so I will update in a couple months.

  • By mattesonb
  • 2016-01-23

Four Stars

sturdy and well made, gets the job done

  • By littlefriend
  • 2016-01-22

Returned my cats beautiful shine!!

I have a cat that is not the best, nor has ever been at grooming herself... She depended on our other cat, that was constantly grooming her, for her needs.. He passed away and it did not take long to notice the difference in her fur.. I had no clue how to help her other than using the brushes and combs that I use on my toy poodle on her... Although, they worked ok, her fur still didn't have that nice shiny look that it should have.. This popped up on my Amazon page and I started ready about using it on cats. I gave it a shot and ordered it, not sure if it would be what i was looking for... When it came, I pulled it out not sure how my cat would react or how it would feel on her. As I started to comb her back with this I could tell she was loving the way it felt!! She sat still for the longest while I combed her and it gave amazing results!! It was deshedding her fur and returning it's shine!! I am so happy I came across this!! I can't comment on how it works for dogs, put for my cat it is a big hit!!

  • By DoopDeeDoo
  • 2016-01-18

A lot of work, but works well!

It works great! It does take some work though and some time to get the "technique" right. My pug (double coated- shed likes a nightmare) reallly enjoys this brush as well. Hes not afraid of it and seems to be having a good time while hes being brushed. I notice small, short strokes without pressing down too hard work best. This also works well on my lab/terrier mix. I would not recommend it for longer haired breeds. For the price as compared to similar products, I say the only thing it lacks is that you have to pull the hair out of the brush yourself but its honestly not a hard or cumbersome thing to do. All in all, great product.

  • By Allison Fisher
  • 2016-01-16

I highly recommend it.

This works on all fur types, I highly recommend it.

  • By Ammo Angler
  • 2016-01-13

Works just like some of the other high priced name brands

Works just like some of the other high priced name brands. Nice wide blade works great on our giant.

  • By U of M Physicians
  • 2016-01-13

My cat now comes to me to be brushed with ...

My cat now comes to me to be brushed with this tool. She can't get enough of it!!! I didn't think she ever shed until I used it on her. We both are winners with is find.

  • By bestoftimes
  • 2016-01-13

grooming brush

I have an English bulldog and two fFenchies, and this really collects the hair. I have to do it daily to keep the hair down in the house, and this works GREAT!!

  • By Corie Perry
  • 2016-01-12

She loves when I do it because she feels like I'm scratching her

I couldn't believe the amount of hair I got off of my dog. She has short hair because she's a beagle so it's short but thick. She loves when I do it because she feels like I'm scratching her.


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